6 Top Paint Color Choices for the Bathroom: Pick Your Favorite

Neutral colors for the bathroom are what most homeowners pick. An overwhelming 39% of all bathrooms are in a brown color, and another 13% in a gray hue. We love our neutrals but that doesn’t mean that you must always stick with the calm shade. If you are ready to paint the bathroom and have no idea what color paint to choose, the ideas below represent some of the most popular choices available.  You can pick your favorite and then call a local handyman in cranston, ri to come out and take care of the work for you. Good luck choosing a color. With so many great choices, that sometimes poses difficulty.


Add pistachio colored paint to the bathroom walls for an energizing and unique style that benefits the entire family.

Powder Blue

No color out there has the same calming effects as powder blue. No matter which room, it will instantly be eased with this color paint. The bathroom can benefit from powder blue walls and the freedom it gives.


For those who want earthy tones in the bathroom, a mustard color is the best choice for the walls. It pairs well with wood fixtures but can be paired with other materials as well.


Blending natural together, such as tan and white, creates an effective bathroom that rings harmony and calmness.


local handyman in cranston, ri

Lavender is an easy color. It is not overpowering but still catches the eye. It is friendly and luxurious and can work well in small and large spaces alike.

Deep Navy

Some people prefer a more bold bathroom. For those people, nothing works better than deep navy paint. It works wonderfully with lighter colored fixtures of opposing color wheel shades.