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How To Prepare For A Mammogram

As a woman, a mammogram is a very important part of your health. When we get older, lumps and other formations may start to form in your breasts. If this occurs, it needs to be dealt with before they turn into cancer. To prepare for this, mammograms in West Orange need to be setup with your doctor.

mammograms in West Orange

What is a mammogram?

A mammogram is a special type of x-ray that is used to look into your breast. It will examine them as well as check for any abnormalities in the tissues under them. There are different types of marks that can be seen, but they all appear white on the images, making it easier to spot them. Even small lumps can make a big difference.

For any breast abnormalities, it’s important that you schedule your mammogram as soon as possible. Mammograms are one of the best ways to check for breast cancer, and finding out early allows more options when it comes to dealing with the problem.

How do I prepare?

Don’t wear any deodorant or antiperspirant. You want to make sure that there is nothing covering up the areas you are going to be examined. Deodorants and antiperspirants can hide any signs of an abnormality if they are over them, so it’s best to stay away from them for a day or two before your appointment.

A lot of people are overly nervous about going through a mammogram. If you’re one of them, know that it’s not an invasive procedure. You won’t need to be put under anesthesia or sedated in any way. It is completely painless and takes all of five minutes.

If your appointment is at night, make sure you wear loose clothing that you can easily take off. It’s also a good idea to avoid wearing any makeup so the technician will have an easier time examining your skin.

The last thing that you should be aware of is how tight your bras are. If you wear them too tight, it can stretch out the breast tissue and make your results skewed.